Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Defense of Marriage...What exactly do you think you are defending?

Can someone please explain to me what sexual preference has to do with someones ability to do their job or be a good parent? Why is this even an issue? I mean if someone has a foot fetish does that mean they can't be a great doctor? Why don't they have to declare they like licking toes? Why do we make a big deal that a politician or someone of 'power' is gay but yet we don't when a hairdresser is? 

And what is all of this Defense of Marriage Act? Seriously? This is what we are paying our public figures to come up with during their time in office? Yet again politicians are ruling this country with their religious views. How can you tell me that two same sex parents are worse for a child's upbringing than an alcoholic parent who beats them or ignores them, just because of their sexual preference? Or parents that commit adultery? Or how about heterosexual parents who choose their religion over their own children when their children do something that goes against what their religion says and they disown them. You mean to tell me your religion and something you read in a 'book' is more important to you than your own living, breathing, flesh and blood?

Let's say you had 2 kids and you knew you were dying. Would you honestly give your kids to someone you knew was abusive just because they were heterosexual and Christian (or whatever religion you might be) over a same sex couple who you knew would love your kids and raise them as if they were their own.  I would love to know why anyone wouldn't pick the loving home just because the couple was gay. You don't teach sexual preference, it's just in us.

If people are so worried about the 'sanctity of marriage' then why don't they take a look in the mirror and work on the bigger problems with marriage, like adultery and abuse, then worry about two people that love each other that happen to be the same sex. 

Get a clue people and stop being so ignorant and blind to the real issues. Stop using gay marriage as an excuse and a platform for something that is completely irrelevant to the real problems in our country.

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